Came downstairs this morning intent on my first cup of coffee and found this:


I’m not sure what deadly threat the innocent roll of paper towels contained, but it was dealt with very firmly. I can report with confidence that the paper towel roll is DOA and was laid to rest in the trash can. It will not trouble this household any longer…but its siblings in the closet have promised revenge. Stay tuned for further updates.

Here is the rogue’s gallery:


Snowball in one of his favorite locations. MY clothes basket. Not my sons, mine.


Noisy. With his ‘Who? Me?’ look on his face. The first picture shows the hammock (support) I made for the boys. I was at the local pet store and in the kitten cage the store had strung up a hammock and all the kittens were in a ball snoozing away. I searched all over town looking for a support but found nothing, so being the inventive genius that I am (ok, laugh away), I decided to make one myself. The hammock itself was purchased at PetSmart. The support is constructed from inch and a half PVC pipe. It took 4 90 degree elbows and 2 tees, plus one 8 foot length of pipe. I built the entire thing for under $20.00. And Noisy loves it. There are no piles though…Snowball and Kirby are ‘too growed up’ for such things <rolling my eyes>. If you are interested in plans for the support, e-mail me and I’ll be happy to share them!


And Kirby, looking bored, charging his lazers…


4 thoughts on “MUST. KILL. PAPER. TOWEL. ROLL.

  1. Deer Mikey,

    Didntz da boyz tell you dat papah towelz r teh deadly? U shuld be glad dat dey r protektin u from dat hazardus ting.

    Dat hammuk ting lookz kewl. Plz send Mom da planz. Kthxbai!

    Sarah n Donovan

  2. LOL. I hate it when those rolls of papertowels need to be disciplined. Even worse is the toilet paper. We have had SO many rolls of toilet paper that have needed to be disciplined.

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