Doggone amateurs…

Someone on LE writes with a good question:

I have a “barley box” being made up for me and need to know the CFM’s necessary for proper ventilation. I can’t figure out these CFM calculators I’ve seen on some other sites.

The box is 17″ deep, 30″ wide and 30″ tall. I’m working on a Cheetah.

One of the new “know-it-alls” writes back in response:

… – this is the calculation for a 17×30 hood:

17 x 30 = 510 / 144 = 3.54 x 125 = 443 CFM

Since you will have the sides enclosed, you can use the 100 multiplier instead of 125, thus 354 CFM

So you need a fan between 354 and 443 CFM.

Ummmmm…the opening of the box is 30″ x 30″. The 17″ is the depth (or how deep from front to back) the box measures.

The correct calculations are:

30 x 30 = 900 / 144 = 6.25 x 100 = 625 CFM. Size the fan with a minimum 625 CFM fan, up to about 10% over (or about 700 CFM).



What we have here is a failure to communicate…

From wonderful WetCanvas:

Has anyone used the AGW-300 for furnace work? It seems like a good product from the specifications but I’m not sure how well I’d be able to see in the hot shop with 60% visible light transmission. A packet about eye protection that came with the intoductory materials for a course I took in Corning suggested wearing flip up #5 welding filters but it would be nice to not have to deal with the flipping. The AGW-300s are pretty expensive at $260 though so I’m not sure if it would be worth it even if I could see pretty well. Continue reading

Rip off artists need not apply

About six-seven months ago, a “gentleman” by the name of Craig Bellinger appeared with a couple of websites entitled ‘The Glass Blowers Bible” and a series of DVD’s on torch worked glass.

Several of the glassworking fora took exception to Mr. Bellinger’s information and it was subsequently discovered that Mr. Bellinger’s DVDs were actually the work of another person whom Mr. Bellinger had actually taken but not paid for, then duplicated them and sold them as his own. Yep, we are talking outright copyright piracy here, folks…not pretty. Continue reading

Setting up your torch outside of North America

There have been several posts lately on LE and WC about the difficulties in trying to fit together the various parts of a torch “system” in places like Europe, Australia, etc. These poor folks have been tearing their hair out because they have purchased torch and hoses plus things like quick disconnects or flash back arrestors from US suppliers¬†and then find that these parts don’t work or fit properly with things like propane tanks and oxygen tanks where they live. Continue reading


From LE…

hey have any of you ever had an extra light glare around stuff or had your eyes get so dry that it kinda blurs your vision? i wear the phillips green ace shade 3s, i really love them, but my left eye is kinda funky now. i had lasik surgery done a while ago and that might be it too but i honestly feel like my vision is deteriorating and my eyes go dry really easily. i work medium size boro like usually 3-6 inch vessels, and pendants. i also fume and use a lot of striking colors i dont know if that makes a difference. i lampwork about 2 t tanks of hours a week and furnace work with just clear safety glasses 8ish hours a week.
anyone got any advice if i dont have health insurance?

Dale’s wonderful (but wrong) suggestion is get artificial tears and blink a lot…Dale: how about if you stop giving advice about things you know ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about? Continue reading