A Student’s Bill of Rights in the glassworking classroom

The student shall have:

a clean and safe working environment;

a well-qualified teaching instructor and assistants;

class time with the teacher and assistants free from distractions;

the right to request a full and immediate refund if any of the above rights are infringed upon.

‘safe working environment’ means one that is properly ventilated, adequately secured, properly safeguarded with fire extinguishers, telephones and first aid kits. See this list for any questions about proper equipment: https://mikeaurelius.wordpress.com/2008/01/10/basic-safety-equipment/

‘well-qualified’ means people who have taught the same subject before, and are well-known in their field. If the teacher has taught less than 5 classes or is teaching a relatively new technique to him/her, then the teacher must announce this fact prior to taking registration for the class and have written notification in the syllabus information handed out prior to the class.

‘free from distractions’ means that the students are quiet and attentive when the teacher/assistant is teaching, that disruptive people are quickly removed from the classroom situation, and that problems are quickly and quietly dealt with.


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