Plumbing for propane

From LE:

My studio is a separate building and my propane tank and regulator are in a ventilated box my husband built sitting on a ledge attached to the outside of the building. He ran the standard hose that came with the torch (or I my have purchased it separately) through a small hole about a foot from the floor which is about 4 feet to my torch. The small hole has a pvc pipe inserted with the hose running through it and then a wood plate on the ouside and inside holding it in place. The hose also has insulation stuffed around it. Okay, now it all looks fine to us – but the experts out there, are we missing some important safety concern? Thanks in advance!

On the surface, this sounds like a marvelous idea. Make a hole in the wall, line it with PVC, insulate it, and run the rubber hose through it.

Unfortunately, it is an illegal installation. The National Fire Code (NFPA) states that all wall penetrations must be accomplished with hard wall metallic piping. The piping can be copper, black (iron) pipe or stainless steel. There must also be a shut off valve on either side of the wall. On the inside of the wall, the pipe must extend to within 5 feet of the point of use, and if the point of use is further than 10 feet from the inside shut off valve, the line must have an additional shut off valve at that point (torch valves do not qualify).

They can’t refute the facts…

so they resort to ad hominem attacks…

The little dragon writes on TAM:

I trust information from people who know what they are doing. People who have studied and tested to get their license. People who have to put up with snap safety inspections to keep their insurance current.

What some of the ‘safety guru’s’ (including the main idiot) do is read a book or surf the web. Do they have a GB98? Do they have a EE98? Their MM98? Their LPG certification?? no.

An ad hominem attack is where the attack is based on the characteristics or authority of the writer without addressing the substance of the argument. When you have to resort to ad hominem attacks to make your point, you’ve already lost the argument. Continue reading

You have GOT to be kidding me…

Deb Kauz writes:

I understand all of this and I also understand that it all assumes that we sit around and do nothing while this was occuring. There IS a risk. I’m not trying to say there isn’t but it seems a little like ChickenLittle yelling about the sky falling. If I’m the person who gets hurt yep, I’ll be really pissed at myself. However, I think the safety checks that I do minimize my risks. Do I want to rely on someone else’s quality control? I do it all the time. Every time I get in my car, every time I light my stove…every time I do anything that can be dangerous I rely on someone else’s quality control. As a nurse BOY did I rely on someone else’s quality control…as did the ICU patients that I cared for on a daily basis. Our LIVES revolve around someone else’s quality control.

Uhh, Deb? First of all, you work OUTSIDE with your bulk tank and hot head torch. You’ve already minimized your hazards by a huge amount. Next, the examples you cite as “someone else’s quality control” are based on either huge numbers of production (automobiles, medical instruments, etc), whereas the production of RV tank hoses is relatively small in comparison.

This is about EDUCATION. Telling people the FACTS so they can make a safe decision with all the FACTS. Continue reading

The danger of leaking propane

In previous articles I have discussed the ins and outs of NFPA 58, that connecting a hot head torch to a bulk tank is against code and therefore illegal etc ad nauseum…but I have not presented any “proof” of exactly WHY it is hazardous to do so.

There is a mathematical formula which converts flow of a particular gas in a line to a volume. Here is the formula:

V = 58 * SQRT((p * (d^5))/(W*L))

V equals volume flow in CFM
p equals difference in pressure between two ends of the hose in PSI
d equals ID of the hose in inches
W equals weight in pounds of one cubic foot of the gas
L equals the length of the hose in feet. Continue reading

Knickers in a twist?

No, not really…

Debt Kauz writes (over several posts):

I use a HH with a bulk tank. Geeze…why do I feel like I’m at BTA (bulk tank annonymous)? LOL I check it frequently. I use it outside. And I’ll keep doing it. I realize that there are folks out there that get their knicks in a twist about those of us who do it but other than you I’ve never heard of any other issues. I check things frequently. Would I use it inside? Not a chance in hell! Continue reading