Revisiting Student Rights…

The very unscientific poll over on LE has resulted in 86+% of respondents thinking these rights are a good idea.

Here’s the breakdown:

56+% think they are “lofty goals” but wonder who will enforce them/how they will be enforced.

29+% think it is “about time”.

As I said, it was an unscientific poll, but these numbers are fairly representative of other comments I’ve received on the topic through e-mails and private messages. Continue reading

More on NO2

I’ve ordered a test kit for NO2 to use my studio as a test bed. I had to research what I needed to order first, so I made some calls around to several state OSHA offices. Every one I called told me that their state limit is 1 ppm (part per million) short term = 15 minutes.

I am ordering enough tubes to do 10 tests, plus the pump apparatus. I have a Bethlehem TigerShark torch and run 5 PSI propane & 15-20 PSI of oxygen (tanked). I will test both with my ventilation system running and with it off, and exposures with just the inner fire and then both inner and outer fires running. Continue reading