From the number of posts over the past couple of weeks on the various fora about meth makers using propane tanks to store anhydrous ammonia, you’d think that there was an epidemic of contaminated propane tanks out there that innocent glassmakers are going to get. Case in point (from LE): Continue reading

NFP 58 – Liquified Petroleum Gas Code

This is the defining code for propane.

There are still people out there who think that it is OK to keep propane inside. So, without further ado, here are the salient portions of NFP 58:

6.2 Location of Containers

6.2.1 LP-Gas containers shall be located outside buldings unless they are specifically allowed to be inside of buildings.

6.2.2 LP-Gas containers shall be allowed in buildings only for the following applications:

(1) Cylinders as specifically provided for under Section 6.19 (see below).
(2) Containers of less than 125 gallons for the purpose of being filled.
(3) Containers on LP-Gas vehicles complying with and parked or garaged in accordance with Chapter 9.
(4) Containers used with LP-Gas stationary or portable engine fuel systems complying with Chapter 11.
(5) Containers used with LP-Gas fueled trucks complying with Chapter 11.
(6) Containers used on LP-Gas fueled vehicles garaged in accordance with Chapter 11.
(7) Cylinders awaiting use, resale or exchange when stored in accordance with Chapter 8.

***NOTE: These are the only allowed inside storage of LP cylinders under the code. Continue reading