I’m very pleased and honored that so many of you are following my posts here closely.

If any of you have a question, please e-mail it to: Let me know if you want a public answer or a private answer (either is fine, but remember that there is no such thing as a stupid question).

I’ll answer as best I can on the subjects that I know something about, but please keep them about glassworking safety or technology. I’m not going to answer questions about politics (yawn), or “professional organizations” ;).

I do scan most of the glassworking forums, so if there’s something you’d like me to cover in greater detail, please don’t be afraid to ask. If you don’t ask, it may not get answered!

14 thoughts on “Questions?

    • Hi,
      I am new to the studio set up and wanted to ask if you knew the temperature of the flume leaving the torch at say two feet away. I wanted to see if Fantech inline fans would handle the heat. They are rated at a max of 140F. I wanted to run the exhaust fans on the exterior of the back wall where the hood would be attached. Two foot rise, ninety degree elbow and one foot to the wall and then through the wall to either Fantech FG 12XL or Fantech FKD 10XL or perhaps a Squirrel Fan 8 or 10 inch ducting?? The work bench will be 4 feet deep and hood would be 6 x 3 partitioned 3 x 3 with a plenum/baffle for each side (two fans). Is the hood deep enough? And I was going to drop the front 12-15 inches and angle back the side on 45 degrees back to the wall. Vented at the top and out the back wall as above. I believe I need approx. 1125 max CFM for both sides, however there will be gold and silver fuming taking place. Make up air will be provided by two openings either side, integrated into the bench as long slots (grilled) and equal to or more than the diameter of the exhaust ducting. We also have two windows, one behind the operator 7 feet away and one on the side approx. 7 feet away.
      Any help and comments in the proper direction would be appreciated.
      Dave M

  1. Absolutely not, Kandice, keep them coming. I appreciate the input, and they allow me to expand on things that may be overlooked by other sources!

  2. Was wondering where is the info on the mongoose? I seem to be lost on finding the intel on it Thanks….
    I’m using a nortel minor and mid-range torch how does it stack up is there a better torch I could be using, I switched to a concentrator as the tank was costing a fair bit a tank every week lol. but any info would be great…. thanks again.

    I’m mainly doing smaller work now 1″ to maybe 2″ max in boro. pendants and such.



    • Mongoose? What mongoose??? LOL!!

      I’m quite fond of GTT torches myself (having owned several in the past). I think you will find that not only are they extremely hot torches (almost like they were specially designed to work for boro 😉 ) but they also maintain their value year after year.

      I’m not up on their current product line up, but I’d start there if I were you.

  3. hi Mike: do you sell a “powder box” for enameling? (enameling on copper. not glass) Or, do you have instructions/plans? – Marcie

  4. Hi Mike – Is there a respirator that is safe to use while lampworking, until I can get a safer ventilation system installed?. I have seen a post of someone using one.
    Thanks Donna

  5. Mike – Wow never-mind the dumb question about a ‘safe respirator” – I guess only combined with Your ventilation set-up guidelines adhered to. I just got an earful from my mother who has her masters in Industrial Hygiene.
    It scares me that someone post a picture of their ‘salutation’ to lampworking ventilation wearing a respirator and a fan vent blowing outside up near the ceiling on the wall (not near the workbench) – they said they found most information about what they needed in one of the Lampwork, etc forums.
    here is the blog and pictures for a salutation.

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