What is the best location for my studio, continued

From another e-mail:

Where in the house would you recommend I put my glass studio? I have several options availble to me: a bedroom, the basement, part of the dining room and a section of the garage.

First of all, I don’t recommend using part of the dining room or the kitchen for glassworking of any kind. There are just too many ways that these areas can get contaminated with glass particles, and since these are food preparation and consumption areas, food and glass particulates do not mix. Continue reading


What is the best location for my studio?

From an e-mail question:

I am moving into an apartment. I’m interested in setting up a small glass studio, the room is pretty big and has a large window along one wall, and the other side is a patio where I could put the oxygen and propane. My main concerns are: space, the carpeting and ventilation. Help!!

Apartments are problematical. First of all, you cannot legally store propane on an outside balcony above the ground floor. So if your apartment is located above the ground floor, about the only torch you can safely use is the Hot Head torch with single one-pound bottles of fuel gas. Continue reading