Ventilation questions

Can anyone give me an estimate of the temperatures one would expect in an 8 inch exhaust line from a minor torch. I have a baffled 4 sq ft hood about 2 feet above my work table and about 8 feet of pipe to the outside opening. My in line fan is not quite enough at 500 cft/min and I need a bigger inline but don’t want to melt a new one. An outside mounted squirrel cage is an option but not really what I need because of covenant restrictions. I can have a grill propane tank but no outside fans or a/c units -go figure.

Well, first of all, your hood is seriously underpowered. Standard overhead hoods should have at least 125 CFM per square foot, and at 16 square feet, you hood needs at least 2,000 CFM to properly exhaust the fumes captured inside. Continue reading