You have GOT to be kidding me…

Deb Kauz writes:

I understand all of this and I also understand that it all assumes that we sit around and do nothing while this was occuring. There IS a risk. I’m not trying to say there isn’t but it seems a little like ChickenLittle yelling about the sky falling. If I’m the person who gets hurt yep, I’ll be really pissed at myself. However, I think the safety checks that I do minimize my risks. Do I want to rely on someone else’s quality control? I do it all the time. Every time I get in my car, every time I light my stove…every time I do anything that can be dangerous I rely on someone else’s quality control. As a nurse BOY did I rely on someone else’s quality control…as did the ICU patients that I cared for on a daily basis. Our LIVES revolve around someone else’s quality control.

Uhh, Deb? First of all, you work OUTSIDE with your bulk tank and hot head torch. You’ve already minimized your hazards by a huge amount. Next, the examples you cite as “someone else’s quality control” are based on either huge numbers of production (automobiles, medical instruments, etc), whereas the production of RV tank hoses is relatively small in comparison.

This is about EDUCATION. Telling people the FACTS so they can make a safe decision with all the FACTS.

And the part about doing nothing?? If you had your tank inside with your hot head and the hose blew off, you would RUN. It is human nature to do so. You have 50 seconds to shut off the tank before the room reaches explosive levels. You’ve already lost 10 to 15 seconds just sitting in shock from the hose flying off. You now have 35 seconds. The clock is ticking. Your hindbrain kicks in and you RUN. You scream for your children to get out of the house…

Your arguments are trying to support an activity which is against all codes (and therefore illegal) in the U.S.


2 thoughts on “You have GOT to be kidding me…

  1. Mike, I appreciate your information and education. I realize that we talking about quality control of hoses but my point is that we rely on others all the time for safety issues. Do I always like the fact that we do that? Absolutely not! But since I can’t do the QC myself at some point I have to just hope that whoever IS doing QC cares enough about their job and the issues of safety that they care as much as I did when I was an RN. I am a lot safer because I’m working outside. I realize that and I would never bring that torch inside whether the tank was outside or not.
    Actually I hope I wouldn’t run. I AM trained to deal with emergency situations–well trained, I might add. Is that the case for the average person? Probably not. They didn’t have the luxury of working in the insane situation that I did for many, many years.
    I thank you for all your information and I do read and use it. I also realize that many people I know have used HH torches with bulk tanks and had no problems. Like anything else in our lives it only takes one situation to have dire consequences but how many times is that going to happen? I used to tell my patients that their chances of dying during OHS was less than 1% BUT if it happened to them it wasn’t 1% anymore, but 100%. Life is like that about everything we do.
    I hope that anyone who IS using a HH with a bulk tank has read all the information that they can and made an informed decision. Many of them have and there are always some people who haven’t and never will. When I talk about what I do I speak only for myself, not anyone else out there working with a HH and I hope they don’t base what they do on what I do.
    Keep up your work because we really need people like you out there but realize that we are all going to take chances. We take a chance every morning when we get out of bed.

  2. I don’t know about the US, but in the UK, there is a definite ‘elf’n’safety fatigue occurring.

    ‘Experts’ keep making daft demands, for example: village fetes are canceled because newly legislated for safety assessments cost too much and innocent joys like sack races for kids get banned, because someone might fall.(no joke, alas, they have really gone bonkers here!) The list of such tomfooleries is endless, and it all cropped up in the past 10 years.

    In all this cacophony of warnings, common sense and important messages get lost, and people take more risks than they think they do, because no-one trusts experts anymore since most of what we get bombarded with is jobworth’s nonsense nowadays, kills the fun in life and above all, it’s insanely expensive needlessly and very annoying.

    So people end up thinking that getting out of bed is as dangerous as using a make-shift rig that could kill. And we all know only too well, young people often believe they will live forever and always be lucky. As we get older, we end up each having our share of pointless funerals to visit, and that is a big attitude changer too.

    The only good antidote I can think of here is to persuade the local fire brigade to blow a hothead rig up as a practice exercise and film this, so people get an idea of what they are really risking.

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