The danger of leaking propane

In previous articles I have discussed the ins and outs of NFPA 58, that connecting a hot head torch to a bulk tank is against code and therefore illegal etc ad nauseum…but I have not presented any “proof” of exactly WHY it is hazardous to do so.

There is a mathematical formula which converts flow of a particular gas in a line to a volume. Here is the formula:

V = 58 * SQRT((p * (d^5))/(W*L))

V equals volume flow in CFM
p equals difference in pressure between two ends of the hose in PSI
d equals ID of the hose in inches
W equals weight in pounds of one cubic foot of the gas
L equals the length of the hose in feet. Continue reading


Knickers in a twist?

No, not really…

Debt Kauz writes (over several posts):

I use a HH with a bulk tank. Geeze…why do I feel like I’m at BTA (bulk tank annonymous)? LOL I check it frequently. I use it outside. And I’ll keep doing it. I realize that there are folks out there that get their knicks in a twist about those of us who do it but other than you I’ve never heard of any other issues. I check things frequently. Would I use it inside? Not a chance in hell! Continue reading