It has finally happened.

I really really hate to say I told you so…

Last night while torching in my garage, with the propane tank far away from me thank goodness, I had an explosion. The hose that is attached to my hot head apparently had a leak. I have been a little stuffy so I didn’t smell the propane leaking. When the fumes hit the fire it exploded, it was like a fire ball in the face. Lukily I have great ventilation so it was a small explosion but it was enough to blow the hose off the hot head, the mandrel out of my hands, and singe the hair around my face. My face hurts a little this morning but somehow I escaped any burns to my face. I was wearing safety glasses so my eyes were protected. I really feel lucky. Now I am afraid to use the hose (I won’t be able to use the same one because when it happened the hose separated from the fitting). Is it possible I had the flame set too low and the tank turned up too high? Anyway, I bought the hose from a reliable store online, and obviously I somehow didn’t do something right but I think I am going back to small mapp tanks that I know are attached and not leaking. I am kind of embarassed this happened to me but I thought I would tell the story so it doesn’t happen to anyone else. Make sure your hoses are attached properly!!!! AND DO NOT TORCH BY THE TANK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

RV hose kits, bulk tanks and hot head torches are a ticking time bomb when used together.


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