Scaring newbies?

Scaring new lampworkers??? Well, if they were taught safety in the first place, perhaps they wouldn’t be scared. If the teaching studios would cover things like which eyewear should be worn at all times, how to use propane safely, what proper ventilation consists of, perhaps then the newbies wouldn’t be scared. Perhaps then they wouldn’t be clamoring about where to find good information about working safely.

It is always easier to blame the messenger than it is to correct the problem.

This is why I would like to see standards in teaching, and the glass organizations to step up to the plate and start making progress on safety standards for studios. Unless and until this happens there are always going to be OMG comments.

And, no, I won’t cheer or laugh when someone blows themselves up because they’ve done something stupid or idiotic — I will shake my head and use them as an example of what not to do. And hope that finally, once and for all, the message gets across.


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