It is called Responsibility, Dale

From LE:

And Yes I’m the guy that does not see quite the danger the others see if you use a good quality commercially manufactured hose from a reputable supplier…

When someone decides to start giving safety information, they take a burden upon themselves to provide correct and proper information, as well as being sure that the information you provide does not put someone at risk.

When there is a preponderance of information provided by other knowledgeable people and you are the lone wolf, perhaps it is time to reconsider the basis of your stand.

We have a responsibility to our fellow glassworkers when we provide safety information. That responsibility includes following all of the National Codes, the law and the rules as set forth by the various regulative bodies. Case in point is the use of the so-called high pressure hose assemblies for using a bulk tank with a hot head torch.

First and foremost, the hot head torch was never designed to work with a bulk tank. You need to understand that from the beginning. It was designed to be used with individual one pound canisters of fuel gas. As the hot head craze (no offense intended) caught on, people began having issues with chilling, loss of pressure, and running through many (very expensive) tanks of fuel, not to mention the issue of trying to dispose of multiple canisters.

Some bright (but not too intelligent) person discovered that an RV or outdoor cooking hose had the exact same threads as the hot head, and so the bulk tank began its service with the hot head torch. This started a frightening phenomenon of 20 pound bulk tanks sitting right next to the hot head user, inside the studio building, which many times is a room in the house or a section of the garage.

I’ve gone into exhausting detail elsewhere on my blog why this shouldn’t be done, both for legal and personal safety reasons, so I’ll not bore you by repeating it again, needless to say, in my opinion, as well as that of the NFPA, it is a Very Bad Idea.

Using a bulk tank with an unapproved (by the RV industry and the manufacturer of the hose) device voids the warranty of the hose, and if there were a failure of the hose that resulted in a fire and/or explosion, you would not be able to recover your losses. Additionally, your home owners insurance most likely would cancel you as well as refusing to pay for your losses.

There is no safe way to use a bulk tank and a hot head torch. Just because you can get a hose that will attach to your bulk tank and your hot head torch does not mean that you should use it. You are using it for a purpose for which it was not designed and you risk losing everything.


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