Rip off artists need not apply

About six-seven months ago, a “gentleman” by the name of Craig Bellinger appeared with a couple of websites entitled ‘The Glass Blowers Bible” and a series of DVD’s on torch worked glass.

Several of the glassworking fora took exception to Mr. Bellinger’s information and it was subsequently discovered that Mr. Bellinger’s DVDs were actually the work of another person whom Mr. Bellinger had actually taken but not paid for, then duplicated them and sold them as his own. Yep, we are talking outright copyright piracy here, folks…not pretty.

Mr. Bellinger has been fairly widespread in his ‘bible’ creation efforts…he’s made the tattoo artist bible, the metal plating bible, the glass blowers bible, and now, ‘Hot Glass Mastery’, a series of DVDs that claim to teach you everything you want to ever know about working with hot glass but didn’t want to spend $15,000 to learn…all for the amazing price of just $ 147.00 with a 90 day double your money back guarantee!!!!

Mr. Bellinger is a fraud, a scammer, and a rip off artist. If he’s learned even half of the things he claims to teach in these DVDs, then why are there so many obvious mistakes in his advertising literature? The word GAFFER for example, spelled as gapher.

Mr. Bellinger would have you believe that he’s doing this because, in his own words:

…I am sick and tired of the B.S. currently passing as “Glassblowing Training” and I’ve made it my personal mission to put an end to the shenanigans going on in this industry – by getting this solid glassblowing and flameworking training into the hands of as many aspiring glass artists as possible…so I don’t want the price to be a huge barrier.

Mr. Bellinger also makes this interesting statement:

You won’t have to go through all of the lackluster, half-ass, DVDs currently on the market that provide vastly incomplete demonstrations, vague explanations, and show you only a tiny tidbit of what you need to know…(like I did)

oh, no, you get to buy HIS lackluster, half-ass DVD SERIES!!!

I strongly recommend that if you ever see or hear the name Craig Bellinger, that you run the opposite way just as fast as you can. Save your money and encourage everyone else to keep as far away from this clown as possible.


6 thoughts on “Rip off artists need not apply

  1. Hi there,

    I did a google search on the name Craig Bellinger to see if I could see some of his own blown glass pieces as part of his story states that he now considers himself to be a world class glass artist, i’ve never heard of him and couldn’t find anything to show me why I should have. I am an aspiring glass blower myself, working my way through a 3 year program in New Zealand, I have found Craig’s DVD’s online and had a wee chuckle, anyone who thinks they can learn the technicial skills of glass blowing from a bunch of DVD’s is an idiot, it requires constant practise and hands on experience in a hot shop, if it was as easy as he says there would be a lot more people doing it wouldnt there? I am appalled to see here though that he is ripping off someone elses product so blatantly. While not interested in the DVD’s or glass blowing bible, I had out of curiositys sake, signed up to his mailing list for recieving tips, these turn out to be daily sales pitches for “his” DVD’s. Thanks for the heads up on who this guy really is and I will be removing my name from his mailing list.

  2. Hello,

    Well, I made the mistake of buying Hot Glass Mastery from Craig Bellinger very recently – first of all its not him in the videos, its some other guy named Dustin – and he isnt video taping anything, it seems like the whole thing is video taped and produced by this guy Dustin and his friends – which runs totally contrary to his bogus sales letter…In truth, the set is shabby, poorly shot and produced (looks like most of it was shot with a handy cam) And it in no way shape or form is anything near what this guy is advertising….If you want to just watch some people be handy camed while blowing glass – Ok – you could probably pay 10 bucks for that at a yard sale some place or less….But his sales page says “This video is Making classes absolete, cutting years off learning curves and changing the way glass blowing is taught – around the world!!”

    Well, if all you have to do to make hands on classes obsolete, and change the entire world of trainig for any skilled craft, is get your handy cam out and have someone ELSE video tape themselves doing something that requires skill….and then sell it for $147 dollars to unsuspecting beginners – then we could all probably revolutionize the art of teaching trade!….

    Personally – I’m gonna get my handy cam out and run down to the automechanic garage and make auto mechanic classes obsolete tomorrow – by videotaping a guy changing my oil!!!! This guy, and his product(s) are a joke, he is a joke and a rip off artist – and has one of the worst most misleading and out right disgusting sales letters I have ever read…….Unbelievable what little shame and conscience people have now a days….Set is SHODY, guy is a LIAR – BUYER BEWARE – STAY FAR FAR AWAY!!!

  3. Well it looks like I got taken in by this Craig Bellinger guy. I ordered all his 13 videos for the $147.00…and haven’t received any of them! I ordered them on April 25, 2009 and not one has been delivered to me. I’d ordered them thinking they might be a good source of reference material for me; and to see if they contained a good tip or two. Eh, you never know where U might pick up a tip, right? Shrugs.

    Anyways, ordered the videos and no delivery; still; to this day. It’s now July 10th, 2009.

    Guess I’ve been scammed; Worse than those who were unhappy with the contents of their delivered videos.

    Anyone who tracks this scammer Craig Bellinger down with an address and or a phone number please do email it to me! I’d like to nail this scammer, proper; for not even sending me the damn videos!

    My email is:

    Thankx guys.


  4. Is this the same Craig Bellinger who sells the how to on “Metal Plating Enthusiasts”? Does anyone know:

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