Protecting the walls of your studio

From a post on LE:

I’m working on a bench that is 38″ deep. I will have a phantom running on my side of it and a wood wall opposite of it. What kind of protection do I need on my wall, how much of the wall should be covered (as in how high). Is the distance great enough to leave the wall alone? What is the best way to go?

My suggestion is to always protect the back wall, regardless of what it is. The back wall protection can become part of your hood, and with some angled side “supports” will look as if it were designed to be that way. Typically speaking, galvanized sheet metal is the best material to use, and be sure that you keep at least a 1″ air space between the sheet metal and the wall, especially if the wall is a flammable material as is the case in this instance. Run the galvanized metal back wall all the way from the top inside of the hood down all the way to the bench top.


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