Setting up your torch outside of North America

There have been several posts lately on LE and WC about the difficulties in trying to fit together the various parts of a torch “system” in places like Europe, Australia, etc. These poor folks have been tearing their hair out because they have purchased torch and hoses plus things like quick disconnects or flash back arrestors from US suppliers and then find that these parts don’t work or fit properly with things like propane tanks and oxygen tanks where they live.

It is my suggestion to all torch workers who don’t live in North America to purchase your torch from your usual US supplier, but to get your hoses, regulators, and all other parts from local welding suppliers. These suppliers will ensure that all ancillary parts will fit together properly as designed. The US standard welding fittings are not designed to be used with European standard fittings and there is not such thing as a US to European fitting available.


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