Revisiting Student Rights…

The very unscientific poll over on LE has resulted in 86+% of respondents thinking these rights are a good idea.

Here’s the breakdown:

56+% think they are “lofty goals” but wonder who will enforce them/how they will be enforced.

29+% think it is “about time”.

As I said, it was an unscientific poll, but these numbers are fairly representative of other comments I’ve received on the topic through e-mails and private messages.

So, here’s a challenge to both the International Society of Glass Beadmakers and the Glass Art Society: make student rights a goal for your organization over the next two years. Start discussions with your respective memberships about the needs for safety in the classroom, regardless of the level of the student. Your respective organizations can provide leadership here where it is needed the most, and give you all a chance to put teaching studio safety in the forefront of your mission.


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