No room for vents??

From a post on LE:

We have lived in the same mid century (as in 1963) home for many years. My studio is not original to the house – but claimed from the overhang of the sorta second story when we enclosed the space. Two sides of the room are sliding glass doors. The opposite walls are sheet rock (my supplies) and a brick wall 2/3rds up to a window, where my workbench is located. The problem is (and I’m sure there are many more to come) is that the ceiling is is only about 7 feet. It makes for a very small space to box up all those fumes – even if I have both sets of doors open.

All the “experts” totally blew the answer to this one, mostly I think by not reading the post.

All the information is there…and here’s what Renee SHOULD have been told…

Use the window on your brick wall above the bench to run your exhaust. Open the window as far as possible and mount a piece of plywood cut and sealed to the opening. Duct out through the opening. You can also use this same opening to run your propane hoses (Renee doesn’t mention where her fuel gas is supplied from, so this is an open-ended option).

And if the window option isn’t possible, she’s got sliding glass doors on two walls, use one for exhaust and use the window or the other slider for fresh air.

This way, Renee will not have to punch a hole in a brick wall, which, by the way, I would not recommend!!!


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