Revisiting Student Rights…

The very unscientific poll over on LE has resulted in 86+% of respondents thinking these rights are a good idea.

Here’s the breakdown:

56+% think they are “lofty goals” but wonder who will enforce them/how they will be enforced.

29+% think it is “about time”.

As I said, it was an unscientific poll, but these numbers are fairly representative of other comments I’ve received on the topic through e-mails and private messages. Continue reading


Not through the roof!!!

I’ve seen a lot of suggestions, some from folks who should know better, but obviously don’t.

Venting through a roof should only be an option on new construction, and then only if you plan on staying in the house forever.

Roof systems protect your house from the weather. They are composed of shingles, underlayment, sometimes rubber sheeting and gravel, etc. Cutting a hole in a roof is not something that the homeowner should ever consider doing him/herself. Always call a roofing expert to do the work for you — they will install the proper ducting materials for you and ensure that the work is finished so that your roof is once more leak free. Continue reading

No room for vents??

From a post on LE:

We have lived in the same mid century (as in 1963) home for many years. My studio is not original to the house – but claimed from the overhang of the sorta second story when we enclosed the space. Two sides of the room are sliding glass doors. The opposite walls are sheet rock (my supplies) and a brick wall 2/3rds up to a window, where my workbench is located. The problem is (and I’m sure there are many more to come) is that the ceiling is is only about 7 feet. It makes for a very small space to box up all those fumes – even if I have both sets of doors open.

All the “experts” totally blew the answer to this one, mostly I think by not reading the post. Continue reading