Medical oxygen tanks…

from WetCanvas:

I bought a used oxygen tank tonight and I just realized that medical tanks have different connections than those used by welders. Does anyone know if the medical regulator with CGA 870 connection will work with my new National 8m torch?

ummm…the really short answer is No.

I am very puzzled why people insist on trying to use medical equipment (except oxygen concentrators) when trying to work with hot glass. I just don’t understand — they spend far more time trying to make things work, spending scads of money on stuff that they end up having to turn around and resell when it becomes obvious it won’t work…I just don’t get it.

Do some research. Talk to other glassworkers, post your questions on the internet forums BEFORE you buy something. Don’t buy it and then expect someone to snap their fingers and make it magically work for you.


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