More on NO2

I’ve ordered a test kit for NO2 to use my studio as a test bed. I had to research what I needed to order first, so I made some calls around to several state OSHA offices. Every one I called told me that their state limit is 1 ppm (part per million) short term = 15 minutes.

I am ordering enough tubes to do 10 tests, plus the pump apparatus. I have a Bethlehem TigerShark torch and run 5 PSI propane & 15-20 PSI of oxygen (tanked). I will test both with my ventilation system running and with it off, and exposures with just the inner fire and then both inner and outer fires running.

I will publish the data here as soon as I perform the tests, perhaps as soon as later this week.

I’m especially interested in how much NO2 will develop over time without ventilation, as this may have repercussions with the ISGB and the upcoming Gathering in California. One of the states I called was California, and their limit is the same: 1 ppm over 15 minutes. I will also be forwarding copies of my test results to Pam Dugger, President of the ISGB, Cathy Finegan & Lisa St. Martin, Gathering coordinators, and Vince Henley, Safety coordinator.


4 thoughts on “More on NO2

  1. Will be interested to know the results – esp to see if even your very good ventilation is enough as well as how bad none is (wear a respirator when you test that!)

  2. Uh, no. Sorry. Not even going to wear the wetsuit. Although I did have to promise to give my sweetie a heads up before I started and then check in from time to time…I think she’s worried about me! That’s so cute!! :p

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