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Thanks for writing!!

Due to a state of overexcitement, I kept a beautiful bead in the air too long and it cracked during annealing. I want to save it by turning it into a cabochon, but will I have to re-anneal it? Thanks for your wonderful blog, keep up the good work!

The answer is yes, but not in the way you normally think of annealing. Pretty much what you are doing when making a cabochon (or cab) in the kiln is a partial slumping — you heat the kiln up to the point where the glass starts to move, hold it there for a period of time, then drop back. The “drop back” is where your annealing is going to kick in. For example, if you are using Moretti/Effetre glass, simply bring the kiln down to 950 F, hold it for an hour or two, slowly cool it down to 850 F over the same time period, then allow the kiln to cool normally back to room temperature.

The slumping process does create movement in the glass, so you do need to re-anneal the glass, but it is done as part of the whole process, not as a separate process.

 Thanks for writing!!


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