3 Cheers for Vince Henley!!!

In the current issue of the ISGB quarterly magazine “The Glass Bead”, Vince Henley writes in his Studio Safety Column:

Another myth prevelant in the glass studio folklore is that it is OK to use a Hot Head or similar torch with a “bulk” tank and a suitable adapter in a studio. <snipped> They were never designed to be attached to a “bulk tank” via a hose, and all such adapters are after-market devices designed and/or supplied by third parties. They have not been certified for use with either the MAPP container or the torch.

<snipped> When the torch and adapter connections are not certified for the use in which they are being put and if there is an incident (and there have been incidents), a charge of gross negligence may well be warranted.

I’ve been saying this for several years, and I’m glad to see that Vince has finally written about this in his safety column. It is my fondest hope that bulk tank/Hot Head users will “see the light” and immediately discontinue this unsafe and dangerous practice!


One thought on “3 Cheers for Vince Henley!!!

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