Grainer exhaust fan lineup

Last year, Grainger either changed suppliers or their supplier changed designs. In any case, many of the fans that “we” needed are no longer available.Here is a quick lookup chart ordered in increasing CFM velocity (Free Air). Keep in mind that once installed in a ventilation system the fan NEVER operates at the Free Air CFM rating, and in fact operates at a lower rate.

Use this chart to cross reference old number to new numbers and to select a range of possible fans. Note that these are considered small blowers, and are usually not suitable for wet locations, outside or explosive atmospheres.

With that said:

New Part Number        Old Part Number          Voltage         Free Air CFM

Rectangular Outlet, no mounting flange
1TDT9     4C668     (dual voltage)     794
1TDT4     2C946     (115 volts)          805
1TDT5     4C054     (115 volts)          965
1TDU1     4C830     (dual voltage)     990
1TDU2     4C831     (dual voltage)   1202

Rectangular Outlet with mounting flange
1TDR8     2C917      (230 volts)         258
1TDT1     5C507      (230 volts)        458
1TDR9     4C448      (115 volts)         463
1DTR7     4C444/4YJ31     (115 volts)          485
1TDT2     4C445/4YJ32    (115 volts)          549
1TDT3     4C870      (230 volts)        559

Two Speed Rectangular Outlet with mounting flange
1TDT6     4C485     (115 volts)     428/293
1TDT7     4C566     (115 volts)     542/409
1TDT8     5C508     (115 volts)     797/549


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