Basic safety habits

Always turn your torch on and off the same way. Whether you use POOP or POPO (propane oxygen oxygen propane or propane oxygen propane oxygen) doesn’t really matter as long as you always do it the same way.

Never leave the torch lit when you walk away from the bench.

Glasses on before the torch is lit, glasses off after the torch is turned off.

Always wear safety glasses while cold cutting glass.

Know where the first aid kit is at.

Know where the fire extinguishers are located

Know where the emergency exit is located.

Keep the floor clear of trip hazards.

Clean up shards of glass.

Always open your propane and oxygen tank valves all the way open.

When you purge your lines, always back out the T valve on the regulator to take pressure off the internal diaphragm.

If you cannot close the tank valve, do not remove the regulator. Take the tank and regulator to the welding shop and have an expert do it for you.

Use proper sized wrenches on all regulator fittings.

Never use a butane lighter to light your torch, and never keep one in your pants pocket while torching.

Always lay your glass down with the hot end facing away from you.

Always cool your tools after they have been exposed to heat (for example chill your tweezers after manipulating hot glass).

Don’t work when distract or feeling sick.


One thought on “Basic safety habits

  1. One more – always keep some water around for hot glass pieces, mistakes and dusty bead release.

    Bead release is a lung irritant – it’s best to take beads off the mandrel in some water, or at least wet the mandrel/release first. Dry release is very dusty and irritating.

    Keep powders and metals from blowing around – causing irritation to the lungs.

    If you start feeling lightheaded or nauseous at the torch, get outside immediately and breathe fresh air. Your ventillation may not be up to par.

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