Safety breaks

A thread on another forum got me to thinking about knowing when its time to take a safety break and when its time to stop for the day. We’ve all been there and done that: had a marble break off a punty and land in your lap, pick up the hot end of a rod etc…and we write it up to an “oops”.

But what do you do when things happen multiple times? I firmly believe that there are good days to sit down behind the torch and there are bad days. You know it is a bad day when:

  • This is the third time you’ve cut yourself in the past 2 hours
  • You pick up the rod at the hot end and cuss because the burn is right next to the one you got 5 minutes ago.
  • The shocky rod of glass breaks and your hand sails into the flame

Yeah, I can see all of you out there wincing in sympathy.

We all know about the days when your ‘muse’ takes the day off and everything you touch turns to crap, but what about those days when it is injury after injury? When do you stop and call it a day?

My personal rule is: once is happenstance, twice is a habit and I’m done for the day.

If your attention is wandering, and you just can’t get that fight you had on-line or with your kid/spouse/significant other out of your head, then this isn’t a good time to torch. Read a book. Watch a movie on TV. But don’t play with fire today!

And take a safety break every couple of hours — not only will your mind be fresh when you sit back down, but you’ve gotten up, stretched, gone to the bathroom (if necessary), and can return to the torch ready to start again.


3 thoughts on “Safety breaks

  1. Yeah, I can agree with those ideas alright. Last night I burned my thumb and about 5 minutes later I zapped myself real good on the element of the kiln. I almost stopped after that but not quite. Would’ve been best.

  2. Exactly, once can be a little fluke but as soon as you hit doofus move number 2 it’s time to stop. Why WAIT for a number three when it means another burn, break, cut or ruined piece? In my case it often means I have forgotten to eat and after a short lunch break I’m good to go again.

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