Cat personalities

As I’ve written before, I have three cats who make my house their home. All three are “rescues” in one form or another.

Snowball is the oldest at three years.


This is his 2nd most favorite place to hang out — his “perch” in the living room. He’s the most mellow of the three preferring to snooze instead of running around. He is also the quietest of the bunch, in fact the only time I hear him “talking” is when we are in the car when he makes it well known that he is Not Happy To Be There.

Snowball will suffer being held and scritched, but he prefers his solitude and basking in the sun. If someone comes to the house, he’ll be on the stairs to greet them, and perhaps do a rubbing walk by with his tail high in the air.

His most favorite place to sleep is at the foot of my bed, on my side of the bed.

Kirby is two years old.


He’s the one most likely to be seen running FROM the sound of trouble even if he wasn’t the one instigating it. Yep, he’s got a guilty conscience. He is more of a talker than Snowball, but only when he is out of sight of people. It is almost as if he is lost — I’ll hear a loud meow coming from the entry way or upstairs, then he will trot into the living room as if nothing ever happened.

He will also look for attention and give you a good hard butt with his head when he wants a scratch – but he doesn’t like to be held. He will wiggle his way out of almost any hold and run free, but be back two minutes later to be scratched again. His favorite place to hang out is on the back of the sofa, directly behind me. He is also has the distinction of having the loudest rumbling purr in the house. If he’s happy, everyone will know it.

And lastly, Noisy. He’s the baby of the house at two months old.


He also took over the title of household troublemaker from Kirby. He gets his name from all the talking he does. He’s not afraid to holler at you for ignoring him, and he’s shaping up to have a real battle with Kirby over who has the loudest purr in the house.

His favorite sleeping position is on me, on his back with his front legs at his sides, head back and tongue hanging out. Occasionally, he’ll wiggle his way up to my shoulder and whiffle in my ear.

If there’s something going on in the house, chances are you will find Noisy and Kirby in the middle of it and Snowball watching with a bemused look on his face.

Snowball and Noisy came from the Tri-County Humane Society. My house is the first for Noisy, who was part of an “unwanted and unexpected litter”, and the third (and final) for Snowball. Kirby was part of a litter of a stray, and was adopted at PetSmart, who had him from one of the Humane Society shelters up north.


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