A good morning smile…

Someone asked which torch I use — it is a Bethlehem Tiger Shark, purchased before Bethlehem decided to threaten their distributors and act like childish brats. I’m happy with what I have right now, but I’m considering purchasing the Nortel Rocket torch, with the ‘side car’ pre-mix torch. I had a Red Max several years back with a pre-mix upper and found that there are just some things you really do need a pre-mix for…

Had a quiet weekend, my son and I went to see “Waterhorse: Legend of the Deep” Friday afternoon and “National Treasure: Book of Secrets” yesterday (Sunday). I highly recommend both films. Wil Smith has a new movie coming out next summer, this time he’s an alcoholic superhero — looks it will be a fun movie — the trailer was very funny.

I am making mincemeat pie today for the family New Years party tomorrow. I cheat a bit and use the Nonesuch pie filler but I “beef” it up by adding more apples and raisins.

That’s all for now – I need some coffee and breakfast!


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