Day four

Yes, I know, I missed Day Three. Lots of things to do around the house, plus I’m coming down with another head cold. <sigh>

Snowball is getting much better. The eye goop is a lot less noticable, and the coughing has stopped. He’s just sneezing now. Have you ever seen a cat sneeze three or four times in a row? They get this goofy look on their face and scrunch up then let loose. Do humans look that silly when we sneeze?


Noisy has decided that I’m a walking scratching/climbing post. I’ve got scratches all over me from him climbing up my leg or leaping onto me as I walk by. I know some readers think that declawing is barbaric, but I’m looking forward to March. He’s going to be neutered then and the front claws will be removed.


Kirby is just being Kirby. Hanging out, pouncing on Noisy, chasing Snowball around the house.


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