Day Two…

Well, Snowball has taken a turn for the worse overnight — I didn’t mention this yesterday, but Snowball is one of my 3 cats, the oldest (at 3 years). He seems to have come down with the feline equivalent of a massive sinus infection that is not only draining out of one of his eyes but is also giving him a very deep and productive cough. If you’ve ever heard a cat cough, you know it is a vastly disturbing sound. So, Snowball and I are headed over to the Vet at noon to check things out. He’s still eating and playing, so I’m not too worried.

Well, break is over, so back to work…hopefully more later on.

 The vet is not worried — she classified it as a “normal” viral upper respiratory infection, and to just keep an eye on things. If he becomes sluggish, stops eating and playing, or the drainage turns green, then by all means bring him back in. Currently he’s curled up under my desk sound asleep…


4 thoughts on “Day Two…

  1. I love it ::giggling::!

    Seriously, thank you for putting all this excellent information out there for the world to view without restrictions!

    I hope Snowball just has a URI and nothing more serious. Give him some scritches from me.

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