Visible Light Hazards and the Glassworker


Most glass workers are all familiar with sodium flare, that annoying ball of yellow light that occurs when glass, most notably soft glass, is exposed to flame. As the glass molecules heat up, sodium in the glass is burned, creating a sodium flare. Didymium and ACE (Amethyst Color Enhancement, trademark of Schott Glass Technologies) filters (sold under a variety of trade names by various manufacturers) all remove sodium flare from the wearer’s vision.

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Day One…

It’s Christmas Day, 2007 and I’m banging around the house with nothing much to do. I just finished several hours behind the torch, the cats are snoozing on my bed and I don’t really feel like doing much of anything right now. The house is very quiet — I took my son back to his mother this morning, so I’m left with this vast empty feeling inside me. My sweet lady is far away from me and spending Christmas day alone really, truly, sucks. But rather than drift into feelings of depression and despair, I thought that I’d funnel my energies into more positive things.

As I mentioned above, I put in some time on the torch — the first time in probably 3-4 months, if not longer. I spent the weekend with my sweet lady who strongly suggested that I start blogging — so here I am. The writings that will follow are going to be sporadic in nature, depending on what is going on in my life. Some of them will be about glass working, some will be observations about the world, some will be the occasional rant about things that really tick me off, and there will be continuing commentaries about things that I believe are wrong in the world (not that they can be fixed, but one more opinion certainly can’t hurt, right?).

I can’t promise that what you read here will be of sufficient interest to keep me bookmarked or even on an RSS feed, but you never know.I will promise to try to keep my opinions and rants thought provoking, if not eyebrow raising. I know for certain that some of them will tick more than a few people off — and in that I consider that I’ve accomplished my mission.

I’m going to allow comments on my writings, but I will not allow just a simple ‘fuck you, asshole’. If that’s all you’ve got to say, then find another blog to comment on. Feel free to vent your spleen — if you have something to say, certainly speak your mind, but at least try to use a modicum of decency in your writing.